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Our History
Logicom began operations in 1992 quickly becoming a pioneer distributor of technology products partnering with the most prominent technology vendors such as Intel, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, HP, Kingston Technology, Symantec, Philips, Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo, NetApp, Linksys, and Sony.  These relationships are the cornerstone of the Logicom operations working hard on applying their strategies for market development and maximising market penetration.
Logicom began expanding internationally in September 2000 with operations in the Middle East, starting with Beirut in Lebanon. Today,Logicom has offices and warehouse facilities in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Malta, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Iraq.
At Logicom we aspire to continuously pursue the creation of value for our customers, the vendors we represent as well as our people whose drive and dedication is the cornerstone of our success.

​​LogicomMiddle East begins operations as a wholly owned subsidiary of Logicom Public Ltd
Logicom Middle East signs distribution agreement with Intel and Kingston Technologies

LogicomMiddle East signs distribution agreement with Cisco ​

Logicom Greece signs distribution agreement Microsoft​

LogicomMiddle East is named an HP Authorized Distributor​

​LogicomMiddle East is appointed Nokia Authorized Distributor for Lebanon
60 new employees are added to the Logicom Middle East family